About Us

About us

SCENEaMATIC is a production company that partners with you to expand your business and build your brand. Based in Mississauga,

we are a full service production company.

We work with you to help simplify and clarify your brand and produce a TV commercial that ultimately makes selling easier. We thrive on a diverse assortment of clients. We start where you need us to start.

Sceneamatic Productions has experience working with, and for companies in a variety of industries. The size of your budget never determines the level of our commitment. All clients benefit from our full wealth of knowledge, experience and creativity. Genuine collaboration with clients throughout the creative process is paramount to us.

Tell us what you need; we’ll deliver. Nothing is a stronger measure of our success than our returning clients, who come back to us year after year. Building a genuine rapport and a sincere trust is at the core of everything we do.


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